What is Safer Healing?

The most important thing for me in my practise is safety and comfort. Without the safety to relax and to build trust in a session, I don’t believe that healing can be anywhere near as effective.

What I offer:

Thai massage works efficiently to help pain and disorders of the body. It is also an energetic practise grounded in Thai Buddhism. It can help alleviate physical problems – such as back ache, neck tension, and digestion – as well as providing a relaxing context for deeper healing to take place.

As a holistic practitioner, it is always my first priority to build trust. Out of my own experiences of feeling unsafe and disrespected in many medical and holistic environments, I have developed a strong consent procedure for working with my clients.

Who I work with:

I work with sensitive people struggling with physical aches and pains, anxiety and depression.

I work with people who have felt unsafe or uncomfortable in
rainbowtrans medical and therapeutic spaces, in particular 
transgender people and others from the LGBTQIA+ community.

I work with people who need more respect for their bodies than they currently receive and who need help building a stronger connection with themselves.

The right time for this work:

This kind of therapy is ideal for those moments when we need more appreciation and respect for our bodies, when we are looking to transform our relationship to our bodies and when we have physical or emotional disorders that need some strong, careful work.

For some this journey can take two or three sessions to relieve muscle pain in an injury, or to improve digestion for example. For some – as is common in Thailand – massage becomes a regular, integral part of self-care.

Either way, we’ll find the balance that’s best for you. 


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