Creating safer spaces for healing:

I believe that for healing to take place, a therapeutic space must be as safe and comfortable as possible for both client and therapist. Here’s an outline of some of the guidelines I use to move towards this goal:

* I include a consultation before any massage and this is a good time to discuss specific physical and emotional needs of the client. All information shared will be kept in strict confidence.

* I aim to encourage informed consent – clients are given information about the treatment before-hand that they can choose to opt out of any particular part of it.

* I try to approach each new client without judgement or prejudice based on their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, ability, income etc. and without expectations or judgements about their body.

* I recognise that working with people different to myself may require me to educate myself about those differences. I aim to do this, respectfully, wherever possible.

And finally –

* I’m only human. I encourage feedback from clients and aim to be as open as possible to new ways of reaching these goals. So please let me know what you think!