“Otter treated me with the care and empathy with which only another trans woman can in relation to bodies and experiences like ours. Otter was attentive to the different ways disphoria and triggers manifest in my body and offered me the space to just be when I needed it. ” Yonah

“I cannot recommend Otter’s Thai Massage highly enough!
An amazing, emotional, and deeply reassuring experience of feeling connected to my body, in a safe and supportive space.
With other therapists I’ve felt mis-gendered and misunderstood; uncomfortably exposed and vulnerable. With Otter I felt welcomed, at home, and safe to explore the uncertain areas of my body. And it was just deliciously relaxing.” Robin

“Ik heb het geluk gehad Otter in de buurt te hebben om me te helpen in enkele acute situaties (een gebroken voet en enkele hevige migraine aanvallen). Ook met m’n chronische rugpijn heeft ze geholpen.” Anja, Brussel