Thai massage

Thai massage is a healing form of massage developed over several centuries in Thailand. As well as being relaxing and balancing like many kinds of massage, it can be very effective in treating specific physical ailments and has often been called the “Physiotherapy of the East”.

Thai massage combines slow, rhythmic pressure along energy lines with careful and focused stretches. The effect is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating and can help unwind stressed muscles and painful joints.

Thai massage is always carried out fully-clothed and on a comfortable futon. Usually a treatment lasts 90 minutes but shorter and longer sessions are also possible.

Some words from my teacher,  Pi Jem in Thailand:

“Otter is my student and my good friend. I’m very proud of her work. She’s very respectful and diligent to learn Thai Massage. She tries to understand how can help peoples out from problem and pain or emotional suffering. I want to share my knowledge to people in the world so they can share this knowledge to another people more and more. Otter can do that and I’m proud of her”